A Conversation with Scott Miller

Episode 1 · May 23rd, 2020 · 34 mins 6 secs

About this Episode

For Songs is a podcast about songs and songwriters. We pick four songs from some of our favorite artists and try to get into mindset when they were writing these tunes. How hard is it? Very hard. In our first episode, we talk with renowned Shenandoah Valley, Va.-based singer/songwriter Scott Miller. Scott’s a mainstay on the Mid-Atlantic roots rock/folk rock scene, splitting his time between making music and running his family farm. Between his first band the V-Roys in the mid-90s to his solo career, Scott’s music has taken him all over the world. With his rock n’ roll hard-living days behind him, Miller remains an exquisite songwriter. His humor, dry wit, and stark, cunning observations are second to none, and landed him a few years back into the East Tennessee Writers Hall of Fame. Take a listen as we run through four of Miller’s songs throughout his solo career—Highland County Boy, On a Roll, Claire Marie, and Lo Siento, Spanishburg West Virginia. Get a sense as to his thinking and inspiration behind each one, along with some tricks of the trade. And you won’t want to miss Scott’s plan to save the country!

Info about Scott, these songs, and the albums upon which they appear can be found on his website: http://www.thescottmiller.com