Episode 12: A Conversation with Emily Barker

Episode 12 · November 9th, 2020 · 38 mins 50 secs

About this Episode

What’s the best way to get a critical message across to your listeners? For Emily Barker, the best way is to make it personal. On her latest album A Dark Murmuration of Words, Emily recounts her travels from her native Australia in her early 20s to England to become a singer/songwriter. She uses her personal experience missing home to make a direct plea in her music for combatting our world’s climate crisis. On this episode of For Songs, Emily talks her passion for the environment, how she drives the point home in her writing, and her musical inspirations. We discuss four songs from the album--Return Me, Geography, The Woman Who Planted Trees, and Anymore Goodbyes. She also talks about her process for writing songs and what it's like being a musician with a new album and no way to bring it to the masses thanks to the pandemic.