A Conversation with Peter Argyropoulos

Episode 15 · December 4th, 2020 · 42 mins 50 secs

About this Episode

LA-based singer/songwriter Peter Argyropoulos was bored. Getting tired of playing acoustic shows, he called some friends to put together a new rock n’ roll outfit. A few of his friends played with some of the biggest bands in the land—Dave Krusen of Pearl Jam on drums, Adam Kury of Candlebox of bass, just to name a few. Add in guitarists Kevin Haaland and engineer/keyboardist Brina Kabler (also Peter’s wife), and you’ve got yourself one helluva a band. Sons of Silver’s newest EP Doomsday Noises is a collection of five blistering songs that chronicle what happens when societies deliberately peddle misinformation, censorship, and vanity. Peter exquisitely details his band’s songwriting process and discusses how weird it is to be performing livestream shows with limited audience engagement. Sit back and grab a beer for this one, as this is a wild ride!