A Second Conversation with Yasmin Williams

Episode 22 · March 5th, 2021 · 37 mins 40 secs

About this Episode

You know what’s cool? Watching a truly innovative and talented musician start getting her due. Yasmin Williams, the brilliant guitarist from Northern Virginia, is getting noticed by some of music’s biggest media outlets—Rolling Stone. NPR. Pitchfork. The Washington Post. Yep, the world is getting to hear what we’ve known all along—that Yasmin Williams is one of music’s most singular young talents. Her guitar work is breathtaking and her songwriting is hypnotic. And her newest album, Urban Driftwood? It’s a revelation. On this episode of For Songs, Yasmin and I chat about four tunes from Urban Driftwood—Sunshowers, Swift Breeze, Adrift and Jarabi. In this her third appearance, she talks about what it’s like to see her music taking off. We also discuss her expectations for touring in 2021, and of course, those beautiful songs. Listen in and welcome back Yasmin Williams to For Songs.