A Conversation with Nicole Atkins

Episode 39 · December 26th, 2021 · 41 mins 55 secs

About this Episode

It is Christmas time, and while this isn’t a Christmas episode per se, it is the gift that keeps on giving. If you’ve ever heard Nicole Atkins sing, you know there’s something eerie, calm, haunting yet beautiful about her voice. There’s a sense of mystery, a compelling sound that keeps you coming back for more. Perhaps this has something to do with where she’s from, a small town not far from the Jersey beaches, maybe 40 minutes south of New York City. If you’ve ever been to the Jersey shore, you know there’s something in the water. Something that lures you to the insanity of the boardwalk during the summer, but you also know there’s something more appealing about being there in the dead of winter, when no one else is around. You’ve got it to yourself. Listening to Nicole Atkins brings back those feelings—the beautiful calm of being somewhere on your own, almost all alone. In this episode of For Songs, Nicole joins me from her home in Nashville, which was filled to the brim with her newest album Memphis Ice. Recorded in Memphis in one day, Memphis Ice is Nicole’s Judy Garland moment. She stripped down songs from her slick, enchanting 2020 release Italian Ice and recreates them here, and the results are breathtaking. We talk about four songs—Promised Land, Domino, Mind Eraser, and Captain. Nicole discusses her songwriting process, how she was able to do more with less, and how her hometown still seeps into her music. Please welcome Nicole Atkins to For Songs.