A Conversation with the Waymores

Episode 46 · May 6th, 2022 · 41 mins 27 secs

About this Episode

Funny how the world works, at least in the world of music. This is the story of Kira Annelise and her husband Willie Heath Neal, who together make up the country duo The Waymores. When they met, Willie was a seasoned songwriter about to hang it up. He was still singing in bands when Kira saw him performing, and her world changed. A talented singer, Kira had yet to pick up a guitar or even listen to real country music—real being Hank Sr., Johnny Cash, John Prine, etc. After seeing Willie, Kira started playing guitar and writing music. It wasn’t too much longer that they started playing together, and, predictably, they became an official couple. Fourteen years later, Kira and Willie are still at it, and their newest album The Stone Sessions is proof positive of their magic. In this episode of For Songs, Willie and Kira talk about their past, their future, and, most importantly, their compelling present. We talk about four songs in particular from The Stone Sessions—Even When, Bat Shit Crazy, Roll That Chain, and I Don’t Like the Liquor. Their lush harmonies will send chills down your spine as they recall June and Johnny, while their self-depreciating humor will leave you in stitches. Buckle up, grab a drink, and welcome Kira and Willie to For Songs.