For Songs Singles! Dawning, Yasmin Williams

Episode 63 · December 8th, 2023 · 23 mins 29 secs

About this Episode

When we last caught up with Yasmin Williams, her life was just about to change. It was February 2021, the pandemic was slowly but surely starting to ease, and the DC-based acoustic guitar maestro released her groundbreaking album Urban Driftwood. Full of spellbinding, mesmerizing, uplifting acoustic-guitar driven instrumentals, Urban Driftwood took Yasmin from her parent’s house to all around the globe, playing festivals, selling out clubs, and doing gigs with some of her heroes. It’s been a whirlwind—and two-plus years later, Yasmin is back. In this episode of For Songs Singles, we talk about Yasmin’s latest breathtaking tune Dawning. As hypnotic as anything she’s written, Dawning is a revelation. It signals a re-awakening of life after a catastrophic pandemic, new love, hope, and, well, pretty much whatever you want. Yasmin had help for this one, including Grammy winning singer/songwriter Aoife O’Donovan. Yasmin gushes over Aoife’s magical, soaring vocals and reveals just how much her life is different from just two years ago. So sit back, listen and let the amazing Yasmin Williams take you away.