A Conversation with Sandra the Pie Lady

Episode 24 · March 26th, 2021 · 20 mins

About this Episode

It’s no secret the toll the pandemic is taking on the music industry. Musicians are struggling to get by, they can’t tour, they really can’t play much of anywhere, except their living room. It’s truly become a hand-to-mouth existence. And honestly, the same goes for the independent venue owners too. Being shuttered for more than a year will likely put most out of business; indeed, far too many have closed since March 2020. Those that are still here are hanging by a thread. This is a special episode of For Songs. My guest is Sandra the Pie Lady, owner of the Pie Shop, a small concert venue in Washington. Now the Pie Shop, as its name implies, actually is a pie shop—selling delicious sweet and savory pies. For Sandra, it’s kept them going, but she knows that she’s in a unique situation. She also knows she’s ready to open up the club again to live music. In this interview, she talks about the last year, the uncertainties and the downright depression of seeing your business and livelihood shuttered. Sandra is optimistic as things start to open a bit, but it’s still a tough slog. So sit back, order a pie from www.pieshopdc.com, and listen to this interview as you pick it up. It’ll be the best damn pie you’ve had all year!