A Return Conversation with Dan Murphy of the Scarlet Goodbye

Episode 56 · March 24th, 2023 · 45 mins 32 secs

About this Episode

Join me as former Soul Asylum guitarist Dan Murphy makes his long-awaited return not only to this show but to the music industry as a whole! In this episode, Dan talks about his new band the Scarlet Goodbye and its brand-spanking new debut album Hope’s Eternal. The band is a duo, with Dan being joined by fellow Minneapolis singer/songwriter Jeff Arundel. Dan left Soul Asylum and the music biz about 10 years ago, reappearing every now and again for a one-off Golden Smog show. Dan recounts what led him back to music, how much the industry has changed over the last decade, and how he and Jeff became fast friends during the pandemic to write and record this album. We discuss four songs—Angel Dust, Panic & Blame, Julieann, and Celebrated Summer. Dan talks about how Husker Du—and Bob Mould in particular—influenced and mentored him during Soul Asylum’s early years. We cover a ton of ground in this episode, so sit back, grab a beer, and listen in!