For Songs Singles! Break Down the Walls, Emma Noble

Episode 57 · April 23rd, 2023 · 23 mins 5 secs

About this Episode

The best thing about music is no matter how old you are, no matter how long you’ve been listening and loving music, you can still hear something that will stop you in your tracks. Which is what happened to me a few months ago when London-based singer/songwriter Emma Noble’s latest single Break Down the Walls jumped out of my Spotify feed. It was an old-school sound with a fresh twist. Or maybe it was a fresh, new vibe with an old-school feel. Whatever it was, I was hooked. Break Down the Walls sounds like it could’ve been recorded yesterday, or 40 years ago on Motown. Emma is a key player in London’s thriving soul scene. Her music draws influences from ‘50s-‘60s soul, ‘70s disco, and ‘80s new wave. But she brings a fresh, crisp modern vocal and melodic perspective. In this episode of For Songs Singles, Emma discusses her musical journey, how her DJ-ing business led to developing relationships with producers and songwriters, and how this genre-bending gem of a pop tune came together. Dig in! And I take no responsibility if you are humming this song for days…