For Songs Singles! Tell Me This, Sons of Silver

Episode 66 · February 29th, 2024 · 33 mins 27 secs

About this Episode

If there’s one lesson songwriters learn over and over again, it’s that sometimes you just gotta let go. Sometimes you just gotta let the song work its way out on its own schedule. Just let it go. That’s the trick my next guest leaned on for his band’s latest single. Peter Argyropolous, lead singer and songwriter for LA-based rockers Sons of Silver, joins me to discuss Tell Me This, a classic, 70s-esque punk rocker released in early 2024. In addition to being a great friend of the show, Peter is also a fantastic interview. Coming off the heels of Sons of Silver's blistering 2022 EP Ordinary Sex Appeal, Peter opens up about the difficulties he had in finishing the song, especially its off-kilter lyrics. Peter also goes into detail about the band’s struggles in dealing with new personnel and refurbishing their sound. We cover a bit of everything here—songwriting, guitar tech, and gearing up (hopefully) for a year of touring. So dig in and welcome one of my favorite recurring guests Peter Argyropolous back to For Songs.