For Songs Singles! Find Your Way, Tim Easton

Episode 67 · March 31st, 2024 · 26 mins 24 secs

About this Episode

Some folks are just a natural for this show. Nashville-based veteran singer/songwriter Tim Easton certainly fits the bill. A renowned tunesmith, Easton has lived a quintessential troubadour life—busking in Europe and living in L.A., New York, and many places in between. Now calling Nashville home, Tim is back with a new album Find Your Way. Tim’s solo work dates back to the late 90s, back when the major labels bet big that so-called or Americana would be the next thing. In this episode of For Songs Singles, Tim talks about how those big bets never paid off. We cover quite a bit here, but mostly we discuss the first single from the album, the ethereal title track Find Your Way. The song deals with a life-changing near-miss traffic incident, caused by Tim being a bit under the influence. Tim opens up about how the incident caused him to reevaluate his lifestyle. We also discuss his career and influences, and long-time listeners of this show will appreciate Tim’s love of both the Clash and Johnny Cash, the Louvin Brothers and Elvis Costello. So sit back and enjoy as Tim Easton joins me for For Songs.