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Odds and Ends

Let me thank Scott Miller (THE Scott Miller) again for giving me so much of his time for this first episode. We recorded this on May 9, literally one of the coldest days ever recorded in May. He was on his family farm outside Staunton, Virginia, while I was in my little underground bunker in the house.

Anyway, since there's never enough time to cover everything in an interview, I wanted to provide a link to Scott's discography and list the albums upon which the songs we discussed appeared.

First here's his discograpahy (all available for purchase via the usual places, Amazon, iTunes, etc...) All his albums from "For Crying Out Loud" to "Ladies Auxilliary" is on Scott's own label, F.A.Y. Recordings. What does F.A.Y. stand for? Check out the of the original version of "Lo Siento Spanishburg, West Virginia..."

Here are the songs and albums:

  • "Highland County Boy," appeared on Thus Always to Tyrants, 2001
  • "On a Roll," appeared on Citation, 2006
  • "Claire Marie," appeared on For Crying Out Load, 2009
  • "Lo Siento Spanishburg West Virginia," appeared on CoDependents (E.P., 2013) and Ladies Auxilliary, 2017

Hoping to get these posted every two-to three weeks at least through the summer. Then we'll see!

Thanks for reading and listening!