A Conversation with Kevin Adkins

Episode 2 · June 9th, 2020 · 35 mins 58 secs

About this Episode

If you're like me, you've probably seen a band or heard a song and thought, man this group is gonna make it! You might follow their career, see them live, and if you happen to write for an online music magazine, you might even feature them on numerous occassions. And then you might scratch your head when this band doesn't get it's break. Because you know they are incredibly talented and perhaps the best band onstage at that festival you attended, way better than some of the headliners. And you wonder, what happened? Are they still at it? In this episode of For Songs, we speak with Kevin Adkins, former co-frontman of the New York Irish rock band Icewagon Flu. The Flu nearly gravitated to the top of the Manhattan scene, getting recurring gigs at some of the most well-known Irish pubs. But it didn't work out. Kevin now co-leads Franklin Gotham, a songwriting duo with no intentions of making it big. Rather, Kevin just wants to write top-quality songs. And he does. This is his story.